Lato design

Client: ias:atelier
Date of realization: June 2022
Project type: Eco-sustainable furniture design module concept
Role:  Design, 3D prototyping and construction

LATO is an innovative furniture solution designed to provide an easy-to-assemble library or piece of furniture with a single sheet of FSC cardboard. Its simple, modular design allows for multiple configurations and uses from a single purchase, providing added flexibility and versatility in the living space.

The product utilizes a core concept of making use of existing materials without any additional chemical inputs. The corrugated cardboard itself is light enough for anyone to handle yet durable enough to withstand heavy loads. This helps avoid any unnecessary overproduction or deforestation while still being able to provide sturdy furniture pieces in whatever configuration you require.

This patented ‘snap-and-stack’ system allows users not only to create their own custom pieces of furniture but also move it around as they please since each component has its own self-supporting structure — no extra tools necessary!

noviia on January 1, 2023
It can be easily assembled by following the pattern on the enclosed instruction sheets, helping buyers avoid complex technical details and giving them more time to enjoy their new purchase. On top of that, the FSC certification ensures that all materials are ethically sourced with careful consideration for environmental sustainability laws.

Furthermore, with its design based on reducing CO2 increases due its chemical-free approach, LATO proves itself once again as an environmentally conscious product choice that meets modern standards while providing customers with a convenient way to assemble pieces exactly how they need it.

LATO provides customers with an easy way of creating a library or piece of furniture out of limited resources — but what’s even better is that it does so in an environmentally friendly manner while still maintaining its structural integrity so you can rest assured knowing your money went into something worthwhile!