Coffee Grinder design

Client: Private
Date of realization: February 2023
Project type: Design concept of a coffee grinder
Role: Design and 3D visualization

Introduction to morphology.

The appearance, shape and structure of a coffee grinder are not only aesthetic issues, but also functional ones. A good coffee grinder should be not only beautiful to look at, but also easy to use and efficient in its work.

The coffee grinder from ias:atelier, is a perfect example of how design and functionality come together. This coffee grinder, with its innovative construction and high-quality materials brings the beauty of not only in its appearance, but also in the way it works.

The Coffee Grinder by ias:atelier was designed with great attention to detail. Every aspect of its design has been thought out for maximum efficiency and ease of use. It is an object that not only enriches your environment with its elegant appearance, but also offers the possibility of brewing the perfect coffee every time.

A multi-material object

The Coffee Grinder by ias: is composed of three different materials, which contribute not only to its unique aesthetics, but also to its functionality. The part that holds the coffee beans is made of glass. This allows you to see the beans as they are ground, adding a visual touch to your coffee-making experience.

The bottom part of the coffee grinder, where the ground coffee collects, is made of carved wood. This not only adds a touch of elegance to the design of the coffee grinder, but also serves to keep the ground coffee fresh and aromatic. Wood is an excellent insulator, which helps preserve the heat and aroma of the coffee.

The connection elements of the coffee grinder are made of anodized stainless steel. This ensures long life and exceptional strength. In addition, the anodized stainless steel is easy to clean and maintain, making this coffee grinder a practical and durable accessory for your kitchen.

iasatelier on August 21, 2023


One of the most important aspects in product design is ergonomics. Ergonomics refers to the design of products that are comfortable and easy to use. The Coffee Grinder by ias: was designed with ergonomics in mind.

The shape of the coffee grinder is designed to be easily grasped, allowing a secure grip during use. This ensures that the coffee grinder will not slip out of your hands during use, making coffee grinding an easy and stress-free process.

In addition, the grinder’s handle is designed to provide a comfortable grip. Its ergonomic shape fits perfectly in the hand, making coffee grinding a pleasant and effortless experience. The Coffee Grinder by ias:atelier is not only a design object, it is also a practical and functional tool. With its ergonomic shape, high-quality materials, and elegant design, it is sure to become an indispensable accessory in your kitchen.