Jewelry Hotel

Client: Private
Date of realization: October 2021
Project type: Jewellery Design
Role: Design & Visualization
Architect in charge of the project: ias:atelier

The design of the jewelry inside a luxury hotel is like an ode to nature and its beauty. Located in the heart of the hotel, the design offers an elegant yet captivating atmosphere.

A curved showcase in crystal and green shale provides an eye-catching look while 4 showcases with a design inspired by nature draw attention from every angle. These showcases each have a different setting, ranging from the majestic lake with intertwined branches to the elegant garden where light and delicate flowers bloom.

noviia on January 1, 2023
These showcases not only offer an armony of design elements, but they also interact with the luxurious jewels they display. The natural design helps create an atmosphere that is both captivating and calming, while the jewels in turn reflect the design elements of nature, making them stand out even more.

The design is further emphasized by the use of mirrors that are strategically placed to enlarge the space and double the beauty of nature inside. The design aims to bring together all aspects of design, from architecture to art, to create a seamless interplay between design, nature and luxurious jewels.