Vale De Moses International Competition

Client: Vale De Moses International Competition – meditation cabin
Date of realization: September 2022
Project type: Designing a self-sufficient meditation cabin
Role: Architectural design and visualization
Architect in charge of the project: ias:atelier

The goal of the project

The project aims to create a meditation space that allows the user to have a direct connection with the environment of Vale de Moses in Portugal. Vale de Moses is a valley hidden among the mountains, surrounded by lush forest and traversed by a crystal clear river. In this natural setting, the design of the meditation cabins aims to offer visitors and guests a place of refuge and contemplation, where they can find their inner balance and re-establish a deep connection with nature.
To achieve this goal, the cabins were designed with a focus on sustainability and integration with the surrounding environment. The architecture is inspired by local traditions and user needs, combining modern design elements with natural materials and environmentally friendly construction techniques. The structure of the cabins features large windows, which allow users to enjoy panoramic views of the valley and fully immerse themselves in the landscape.
Meditation is an age-old practice that can offer numerous benefits for physical and mental health. In an increasingly hectic and stressful world, finding the time and space to engage in meditation can be difficult. The design of the meditation cabins at Vale de Moses aims to meet this need, offering a place of peace and tranquility, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Self-sufficient and environmentally friendly cabins

Meditation cabins in Vale de Moses must be self-sufficient and use ecological and economical construction techniques, since energy is difficult to find in the area. For this reason, the design includes the use of local materials and environmentally friendly technologies.
The orientation of the cabins is designed to make the most of solar energy and provide natural lighting during the day. The large windows not only provide a panoramic view of the valley, but also reduce electricity consumption for artificial lighting. The thermal insulation of the cabins is ensured by the use of natural insulation materials, such as rock wool and straw, which help to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the spaces and reduce energy requirements for heating or cooling.
The decision to build the cabins using ecological and economical techniques not only allows the project to reduce its environmental impact, but also to offer visitors a unique and authentic experience, in line with the philosophy of sustainable and conscious living that characterizes Vale de Moses.

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Guest and therapist cabins

Each cabin is designed to accommodate a guest and a therapist. This choice stems from the desire to offer a personalized and dedicated service to each visitor, who can feel comfortable and followed throughout the meditation and relaxation process. The cabins are equipped with all the necessary amenities to ensure the maximum comfort and well-being of guests, without sacrificing the essentiality and sobriety typical of the meditation environment.
The cabins are spacious and bright, with a minimalist and functional design that encourages concentration and inner recollection. The furnishings are made of natural and local materials, such as wood and stone, which contribute to a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The division of interior spaces is designed to ensure the privacy and independence of guests, but also to facilitate interaction and exchange with the therapist.
In addition to guiding the guest in the practice of meditation, the therapist can also offer other holistic therapies and wellness treatments, such as massage, reflexology, yoga, and other disciplines, which help to improve the quality of life and promote a sense of harmony between body, mind, and spirit.

Intimacy and connection with nature

The cabins are distributed throughout the Vale de Moses grounds in a way that ensures an intimate and private atmosphere, while maintaining a strong connection with the surrounding natural environment. The layout of the cabins follows the morphology of the terrain and is harmoniously integrated into the landscape, enhancing the natural beauty and peculiarities of the place.
Direct contact with nature is a key element of the project, which is also reflected in the choice of materials and finishes of the cabins. The exterior walls, made of local wood planks, blend perfectly with the surroundings, while the large windows offer unparalleled views of the mountains, river and surrounding forest. In addition, access to the cabins is via a natural pathway, which allows you to gradually immerse yourself in the beauty of the place and get in tune with nature.
Privacy between the cabins is guaranteed by the continuity of the outer membrane, which wraps around the entire structure and creates a kind of “protective shell” around the individual spaces. This allows guests to enjoy a totally personalized and private experience of meditation and relaxation, without outside interference or distraction.

Awards and competition finalists

The design of the meditation cabins at Vale de Moses was conceived by our studio, which set out to combine functional needs with aesthetic and environmental requirements, creating a work of great value and originality.
The project has won major national and international recognition and awards, including selection as a finalist in the competition.
The choice to use local and ecological materials, the attention to energy sustainability and the ability to integrate the architecture with the surrounding environment are just some of the elements that made the meditation cabins project in Vale de Moses an example of excellence in the field of sustainable architecture and ecological tourism.


The meditation cabins at Vale de Moses represent a unique opportunity for all those who wish to spend time immersed in the beauty of nature and dedicate themselves to the practice of meditation and inner well-being. The project, designed with a focus on sustainability and integration with the surrounding environment, offers an authentic and original experience that allows people to rediscover the value of nature and take care of themselves in a complete and harmonious way.
The meditation cabins are the result of careful design, combining functional and architectural needs with environmental and aesthetic ones, creating a work of great value and beauty. The project has won major recognition and awards, demonstrating ias:atelier’s ability to create works of great social and cultural impact, which help to promote a model of sustainable and ecological tourism.
If you are looking for a place of peace and tranquility, where you can find your inner balance and re-establish a deep connection with nature, the meditation cabins at Vale de Moses are the ideal solution for everyone.