Loft Milano – Ventuno s.r.l.

Client: Ventuno s.r.l.
Date of realization: September 2022
Project type: Loft design concept – Milan
Role: Design & Visualization
Architect in charge of the project: ias:atelier

Concept for a small apartment in downtown Milan.

Increasing urbanization around the world is leading to an increase in smaller, more compact living spaces. In this scenario, maximizing design efficiency in a limited space has become a crucial aspect of modern interior design. This is where the design of a small apartment in downtown Milan stands out. The apartment was designed to create an open space atmosphere that gives a feeling of spaciousness and harmony among objects. This article delves into the key elements of this project and how it represents an example of cutting-edge design.

Design efficiency

The small apartment in Milan is an excellent example of design efficiency.
Ias:atelier carefully planned the space to ensure that every inch of the apartment was used effectively. The apartment presents a minimalist, modern and sophisticated approach to design. The open space design allows natural light to enter every corner, making the apartment seem larger than it actually is.

Distinct spaces

The apartment creates distinct spaces for sleeping, working, eating and entertaining. Wall colors and materials used vary in different rooms to create unique spaces that meet specific needs. The bedroom features a soothing and calming color palette, while the living room has a more lively and energetic feel. The kitchen features sleek, modern furniture that blends seamlessly with the rest of the apartment.

noviia on January 1, 2023

Combinatorial approach

The combinatorial approach of the project blends modern design elements with traditional aspects, giving it a timeless appeal. The designer used a mix of modern and traditional materials to create a unique and cohesive look. For example, the kitchen features sleek, modern cabinets, while the dining table is made of wood and has a more traditional look. This mix of modern and traditional elements creates a timeless appeal that will never go out of style.

Eye-catching touches

The small Milan apartment is full of eye-catching touches that add character and personality to the space. For example, the living room features a unique and colorful rug that immediately catches the eye. The bedroom features a beautiful and comfortable bed with a unique headboard that adds a touch of elegance to the space. These eye-catching touches add depth and personality to the apartment, making it a truly special space.


In conclusion, the design of a small apartment in downtown Milan is an example of cutting-edge design. Design efficiency, distinct spaces, mirrors and reflections, a combinatorial approach, and eye-catching touches combine to create a unique and special space. This project demonstrates how cutting-edge design can transform any type of enclosed space into something special through clever architecture and eye-catching touches. If you are looking for inspiration for your small apartment, this Milan apartment project is definitely worth considering.

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